Creating one of a kind, well crafted jewelry continues to be the driving force behind Reagan Hayhurst jewelry.  Created in her small studio space, all of her designs are made one at a time, with her own hands from start to finish.  

Inspired by the world around her and her interaction with the people, places and experiences the make up that world.  

"Each individual person and experience is unique, the jewelry you wear should be just as unique as those experiences"



My Story

"I began lost wax casting many years ago, when I took a weekend class and made my very first piece.  Little did I know at the time, it would become one of my life's passions.  The artist teaching the class offered to teach me in turn, I would help her with her print media.  I gladly accepted.  

Over the course of many years, I learned how to fabricate, set stones and create my own designs.  I began studying with other amazingly gifted artists.

Finally, deciding to branch out on my own.  I found my artistic voice and hopefully with continue to grow and learn as I go through this amazing artistic life." 


Sterling Silver and 14kt gold stacked felted cuff.